What We’re Watching: What Money Can’t Buy

Should you be able to sell your kidney? Should we auction off the right to immigrate? What about paying people to vote? Is there anything wrong with profiting from a stranger’s death? What about scalping tickets to a rock concert — or to a doctor’s appointment? Wonder what the moral limits of markets are? Are there any?

What Money Can’t Buy is a free six-part series by the Institute for New Economic Thinking exploring the role of money and morals in today’s world. Here on the Quarterly you can watch the first episode “Sex Sells, But Should it?” below. Should you feel like watching the rest, click the button Watch More Episodes in the bottom of the page.

Insights from experts like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz pepper the emotional debates, which are alternately heated and humorous.

The First Episode: Sex Sells, But Should It?

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